$999 Flat Fee Listing

Get Full Exposure on the MLS for one Flat Fee

No Hidden fees or Ad-ons as you will find with other Flat Fee Services
And at anytime you can upgrade to a Full Service Listing and the $999 will be applied

Main Features / Benefits

List Your Home

Enter your property details on our website, and we will transfer it to the MLS

Market Your Home

Once entered into our system, you will be provided a link for professional photography, marketing links to market the home on Social media, as well as the home being entered into the MLS and pushed to 30-40 websites

Sell Your Home

Once listed the showings will start and the offers will come in. Our system offers an offer management solution so you receive all the offers as they come in, and you can compare to choose the best one.

How it Works

At Homesellingchoices.com by EXIT On The Harbor Realty we are all about choices, you choose how you want to sell your home and for what commission structure. The Flat Fee service is a great option for more experienced sellers. 

We want to make sure you understand what a Flat Fee service is before you sign up. A Flat Fee Listing service is just that, you pay a Flat Fee to have your home listed on the MLS. When a home is listed on the MLS it is pushed to multiple websites including Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, redfin, and many more. One must keep in mind in additiona to the Flat Fee you pay on the listing side, you should also offer a buyers agent commission (2.5% is the typical). It is important to motivate the buyers agent to want to show your property. What is NOT included with a typical Flat Fee listing service is below, and is important to understand when selecting this service to ensure you are comfortable managing all of these tasks on your own.

  • Preparing the home to be show ready
  • Ensuring all proper legally required disclosures are included, and assisting with filling them out properly
  • Marketing and professional photography
  • Coordinating showings
  • Contracts forms and contract negotiations, and verifying buyer financing with their lender.
  • Negotiating Home inspection repairs
  • Meeting with the buyers appraiser and sharing comps that support the contract price
  • Ensuring all timelines within the contract are adhered to
  • scheduling the final walk through 
  • Reviewing the settlement statement in advance and at settlement

We pride ourselves at Homesellingchoices.com with not having hidden fees. Most of the Flat Fee Services you will find show a very low Flat Fee price, but you end up paying for all of the standard things you will need through the process. Our competitors will charge extra for changes to the MLS, extra for the number of photos you use, extra for providing disclosures, extra for signs and lockboxes, and many more items. We do not have hidden fees we want to be as transparent as possible. Your Flat Fee on our site covers the following:

  • Your listing entered into the MLS, and pushed to the 30-40 websites, and on our website
  • Disclosure Forms based on a questionnaire we have you fill out, you are responsible for filling out the forms
  • A Yard Sign and Signpost
  • A Showing Service
  • Marketing Links
  • Links for professional photography, which is optional at your expense
  • Our Offer management solution, allowing buyers and their agents to submit an offer online and your ability to manage the offers
  • Upgrade to a full-service option and the $999 will be applied to the final

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