How it Works

The First step with each choice is an interactive Home Valuation. Once you determine your home's value, then you can update more details about your home. Submit your address below for a FREE No obligation interactive home market valuation.

How Cash Offers Work

Once a homeowner submits for a No obligation Cash offer, they will receive three types of cash offers.

1. Standard Cash Offer : Receive an instant cash offer on your home.

a. A full home inspection is completed.

b. You pick the close date. Close as quickly as 21 days or up to 120 days.

c. Move out and get your cash.

2. Cash+ Offer: Receive an instant Full market cash offer on your home with the upside of the market value, with 2 payouts!

a. A full home inspection is completed. And the Buyer will make any agreed upon repairs.

b. You pick the close date. Close as quickly as 21 days or up to 120 days.

c. The Buyer holds an average of 22% of your equity as a "reserve".

d. Move out and get your first cash payout.

e. Home is resold on the market.

f. Get your second payout.

Scenario 1: When the home is resold if it sells for more than the original offer amount, the reserve balance is returned to you along with any upside of the open market.

Scenario 2: When the home is resold if it sells for less than the original offer amount, the difference is backed out of the reserve, and the remaining portion of the reserve is returned.
** A typical fee of 13% is charged, which includes the re-listing commissions

3. Sell Now Move Later: Get cash in your home now and move when you're ready. Leaseback your own home for up to 12 months, while still gaining appreciation.

a. Receive a cash offer and monthly lease amount.

b. You pick the close date. Close as quickly as 21 days or up to 120 days.

c. A full home inspection is completed.

d. Close and receive your cash.

e. Choose when to list your house within the 12-month period.

f. Sell your house. If it sells for more, the Upside proceeds are given to you.

How Flat Fee Listings Work

A flat fee home listing, also known as a flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing, allows homeowners to list their property on the MLS without having to pay a traditional real estate agent's commission.

1. Flat Fee Paid upfront: Instead of paying a percentage of the final sale price as commission (3% for Full Service listings), the homeowner pays a flat fee upfront.

2. Listing on MLS: The property is listed on the MLS, which is a database used by real estate agents to share information about properties for sale. Once listed on the MLS the property will broadcast to 80+ other websites including Zillow,, Redfin and more.

3. Property Marketing Link: A Unique property link is created and available to the homeowner to share on social media, and where Buyers and agents can submit offers.

4. Seller's Responsibilities: A Realtor will list the property on the MLS, and upload any pictures shared, the Homeowner is responsible for any additional marketing, showings, open houses, lockboxes, negotiating with buyers and any of the other tasks typically managed by the Realtor, unless they choose for any of the Add-on features.

5. Duration: The flat fee listing covers a duration of 12 months. If the property doesn't sell within that time frame, the homeowner may have the option to renew the listing for an additional fee.

6. Add-On Services: The homeowner has the option of additional services for an extra cost, such as professional photography, yard signs, lockboxes, assistance with paperwork, and more

7. Commission to Buyer's Agent: Although the seller is saving on the commission paid to their own agent, it is highly recommended that they offer a commission to the buyer's agent. The majority of buyers are working with an agent and if the seller does not offer a commission to the buyer's agent, then the buyer will be required to pay their agent in addition to all closing costs and down payment. This will limit the number of buyers who can afford to purchase the home and limit the amount of exposure to the home. When the homeowner signs up for the service, they select the buyer's commission amount they choose to offer.

How Bid Now Listing Works

A Bid Now listing is the most transparent way of selling a home. Offers are placed online for all to see and at the end of the offer period you choose which offer to move forward with if any.

1. Full Service Listing: This is a full-service listing, the homeowner will receive all of the benefits of full service support.

2. Preparing the Home to List: As with a full service listing once you sign up a Realtor will be in touch to help you prepare the home for listing, share a CMA with you and assist you with determining the Market Value along with the standard tasks required to list and sell your home.

3. Exciting the Market: While most people use a top-down pricing strategy, we use a strategy that starts low and excites interest. We average 100 showings per property in a short one-to-two-week period..

4. Offer Platform: All offers are submitted by the Buyer's agent in the online platform. The Full Offer and all terms are entered onto the website allowing any other buyers bidding to know what they are bidding against and allows the seller to know they are getting the highest offer.

5. Offer Decision:

Just like with a standard listing, at the end the Homeowner decides which offer they want to move forward with or negotiate.

6. Commissions:

The best part is the Homeowner pays

Zero Commission off of the accepted offer. When a Buyer places an offer, the amount they enter is the amount that the Homeowner will receive, net of commissions. On the next screen, before the offer is submitted, the buyer will see their offer, as well as the total amount of the sale including the 6% commission.

This total, if accepted, will be the contract price, the Homeowner will see the offer net of commission, and make their decision based on that.

For example, an offer is $300,000 and the commission is 6%, before the offer is submitted the buyer will be shown the net amount to the seller - in this case $300,000 - and the total - in this case $318,000.

7. Settlement: At Settlement the buyer will pay the total as the contract price, and the seller will pay the commission from the proceeds as usual. Everything is the same as in a typical transaction, we are merely making the net amount to the seller and the commission amount transparent to all parties.

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